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John Green Eyez is an enigmatic product of the cultural and social mosaic of west London. Born to Coptic Christian Egyptian parents, he was exposed to mystical, spiritual and musical traditions from his roots dating back to the time of the Pharaohs. John has known since he was a child that ‘all hands point to the same sun’ and his music is a reflection of the tug-of-war between his needs & desires, heart & soul and Angels & Demons.

At 14 years young, John used a fake ID to step into the musical underbelly of London in the form of warehouse raves like the infamous Bagley’s. Here he was influenced and inspired to MC for the first time after hearing the likes of DJ’s Hype, Andy C, Brockie and MC’s Det, Fearless and Skibadee. A mic and a couple of 1210 turntables later, he fell in love with Hip Hop. It was the era of Wu Tang, Nas, Snoop and Tupac when John found his voice in rapping and started producing on Fruity Loops - one of the few music software options back in the day.

At the murky intersection of adolescence and adulthood, John’s curiosity and teenage pain points led him into the underground hip hop scene emerging in the early 2000’s. With the likes of Roots Manuva, Skinnyman, Rodney P and Blak Twang opening the floodgates of UK rap, John’s desire for authentic self-expression came to head. He was sparring in "dojo" of battle rap and freestyling on street corner cyphers. He was not only fierce and furious, but also friendly. While living it up at scenes like Oh Bar, Scalla, Brixton Mass - “Green Eyes Theory” was born. John manifested a diverse, nine-artist strong music group which would go on to receive numerous accolades and opportunities. They were in demand for performances at a multitude of events around London, the pirate radio circuit and also got to perform live at the BBC.

john continued to evolve and eventually explored Canada and the U.S. to embark on a solo music journey. He was gracefully embraced by the hip hop communities across North America from Los Angeles to Montreal. He now collaborates with heavyweight producers like "Jay.Diligent", "DON DADA" and upcoming artists like "Tuggras", "keemo soul", "Mekayla Renee" and "Dejafresh".

John continues to cultivate his own sound -;singing, rapping and creating music for a mass rather than the masses. His music captures his life journey and has the courage to share his innermost thoughts, feelings and desires even when it is clear that they have been carried through the whispers of his own demons. He celebrates the dark and light aspects of being a Man of heart, soul and Hip Hop in 2020.


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